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Radici and Sayerlack

We use top of the range paints so that your windows and doors can last over time without losing their beauty and performance

To ensure* that your windows and doors always look as if they were just installed, Radici uses Sayerlack products, leading manufacturer of paints for the wood industry, which devotes a good portion of its resources to researching new products and solutions, in ecological respect for the environment and human beings.


Wooden windows and doors exposed outdoors are subject to the continuous aggression of weathering; therefore, durability is the main performance requirement for a paint cycle intended for such use.

The HYDROPLUS selected for ANTI-AGE SYSTEM are designed by researching the maximum protection of wood and paint film: reduce the absorption of moisture and solar radiation, ensuring maximum durability for artifacts exposed outdoors.

ANTI-AGE SYSTEM guarantees* the exterior windows and doors painted with selected Hydroplus cycles.

Hydro Gold

To provide protection from damaging agents, the varnish must be able to shield the wood from the most powerful radiation, limit the absorption of water and moisture while maintaining the permeability necessary to allow the evaporation of water accumulated on the wood, have enough elasticity to adapt to dimensional changes in the wood, preserve it from attack by biological agents, and retard the degradation of lignin.

Hydro Gold’s range of paints has the quality of tailor-made products and a versatility that makes them universal; products of excellence become range products, suited to meet the needs of every customer. Hydro Gold represents, therefore, the cutting edge of outdoor products with an  international patent and a guarantee* of durability.

The cleaning of the window frame

The simple cleaning of a window or door exposed to the outside is the first important operation to be performed for an proper care.

Phenomena such as acid rain and air pollution, in the form of dust settling on the window frame, put the resistance to degradation of a paint film to the test.

Annual cleaning makes it possible to remove everything that has settled on the window frame. This easy operation allows the paint film to maintain itself for a long time and is equivalent to an excellent anti-aging aesthetic treatmen.
In addition, during this periodic operation it is possible to check whether the paint film has been accidentally damaged, intervening in the damaged spots with a touch-up operation.

Aggressive cleaners such as those with an alcohol or ammonia base should not be used for cleaning.
Such products, by attacking the paint film would damage it, reducing the durability.
Using neutral cleaners, such as Sayerlack products, you get excellent cleanliness of the surface without affecting the paint film. Use a soft cloth to both dispense and dry the product.

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