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4 window solutions to sensitively increase the thermal performance , of your home.
Avaible in double or triple thermal glass.

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There are many styles in architecture and they constantly change as well as windows, which must meet high demanding aesthetic and performance requirements.

Radici® offers you solutions based on quality. To meet HIGH STANDARDS we created products with various technological features that guarantee the highest level of performance in terms of insulation and aesthetic.

All door and window frames are tested for thermal and acoustic insulation, safety and luminosity with laboratory tests carried out by COMPETENT INSTITUTES. All data are certified, documented and filed with Radici®.

Based on their technical characteristics we may allow variations on request with customised executions on all windows and doors with regards to double-glazing and the level of burglar resistance.

Radici® may make technical and aesthetic adjustments to its production at any time and at its own discretion.

Acoustic insulation. We have always paid the utmost attention to the sound insulation performance of our windows and doors, at all production stages.

Thermal insulation. Unbeatable in terms of performance, we comply with the highest thermal insulation standards in the industry.

Brightness. Our windows and doors ensure maximum natural light, and eliminate glare from the sun.
Safety. The integrated sensors monitor the opening status of the windows and communicate to the alarm system if the windows are open.

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