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Posa Clima improves living comfort
and protects your investiment

Request Radici PosaClima system, the only one guaranteed*.

In recent years we have worked hard to REDUCE THERMAL DISPERSIONS through the most critical element of the entire building envelope.

For this reason we have increased the thickness of the sash and frame profiles, IMPROVED THE GLAZING and INCREASED THE NUMBER OF GASKETS. The thermal and acoustic performance of a window or door depends on the insulating which it is constructed with, and the ability of the product to AVOID draught AND AIR LEAKS.

The warm air that we produce in winter with heating increases its volume and puts the house under pressure so it tends to escape from every slot: on the contrary, in summer when we cool the room, the outside warm air tries to enter.

Eliminating every slot therefore becomes indispensable to have an energy-efficient home and to reduce heating and cooling costs.

What are the problems of improrer installations?

  • Economic losses due to higher bills

  • A noisier house due to air passing through cracks

  • Internal draughts that create annoying micro-ventilations

  • 15-20% reduction in energy efficiency

This means that a specification on the installation, which can give a saving of a few tens of euros per window, turns into an incredible waste if considered over the lifetime of a window or door!

Laying with the PosaClima Premium Plus system

The difference between a traditional installation with foam and silicone and an installation with the PosaClima Premium Plus system in a house with 6 windows in the city of Bologna can lead to:

  • -35% in energy bills with high energy savings

  • -98% of noise nuisance from outside

  • Sound reduction of 40db

  • +40% water and wind tightness 

The PosaClima system involves the use of thermo-expanding and Pvc foam tapes guaranteed* by the manufacturer under maximum exposure conditions.

The sealant fluids that complete the installation are based on MS Polymer, an extremely high-performance adhesive and sealant material. To have a certain result, it is also necessary that the installer has the competence to do a good job.

In order to guarantee highly efficient thermo-acoustic laying, our company has carried out a study and certification process that has concluded with the awarding of the quality mark “COMPANY PARTNER POSACLIMA” and therefore included in the list of certified companies at

Radici and the PosaClima Premium Plus certification.

Our installers are specialised technicians who have successfully attended the “PosaClima system” installation courses of level 1 and level 2 and are registered in the register of qualified installers.

It is also possible to install windows and doors with the high-performance PosaClima premium Plus that uses materials guaranteed* by the manufacturer for a long period of time under maximum exposure conditions.

*See sales guarantees

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