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After sale service

Radici® ensures a comprehensive after-sales service, guaranteeing* the quality of its products and services

Radici® technicians are qualified people, able to manage and coordinate with all the personnel on site, from the designers to professionals and operators.

The most important phase is the measurement, directly on the pre-made part, a fundamental element for a correct installation. Radici® ensures that the installation work is carried out in a workmanlike, manner and performed by professionals capable of interpreting all the technical variables that may occur in the window and door installation phase.

For this reason, all installers are highly qualified, so that they can certify and guarantee that Radici® products will stand the test of time. A central role is assigned to after sales assistance, where professional seriousness and the ability to carry out quick interventions ensure maximum efficiency and durability of windows and doors.

For any information, assistance or intervention, do not hesitate to contact us. You will be contacted by our service department as soon as possible:

*See sales guarantees

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